Wellness Providers

Over the years, we’ve made it our mission to personally try the offerings of various health-related businesses and professionals, so that we can refer clients for care when necessary. Below are some of our favorite service providers.

Alternative Medicine / Holistic Doctors


Austin, TX:
See our chiropractors here at Clear Point Wellness.

New York City:
Network Chiropractic of New York – Dr. Anthony Biz – Dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives – combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.

Graycar Non-Force Chiropractic – Dr. Mark Graycar – As a DNFT chiropractor he comes highly recommended from previous clients.  He is down to earth and goes the extra mile.

Oriental Medicine /Acupuncture

Five Element Austin, Acupuncture and Herbs – Lindsay Kohn, LAc, is the only certified Five Element acupuncturist in Austin.  While Five Element Acupuncture treats a myriad of conditions, it specializes in and uniquely treats: anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and chronic pain disorders. It places a greater emphasis on treating people’s emotions and stress levels in order for the patient to truly heal.

Healing Way Acupuncture and Herbals – Kevin Laux, LAc, studies advanced and ancient theories in Oriental Medicine and astutely integrates his knowledge of the healing art with the information your body is giving him to help your body transition into a more peaceful place.  Working hands on for an hour, his sessions feel more like body work than acupuncture though he does use needles at targeted spots. You will feel a positive difference both during his work and immediately after, no need to wait for ten sessions before you can tell how beneficial this therapy is for you.

Jennifer Hoger Acupuncture – Jennifer Hoger, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist in both Texas and California and practices traditional Chinese medicine with a gentle, yet effective technique. She runs a sliding scale clinic, providing acupuncture at a low rate to allow more frequency of visits when they are needed. Specialties include allergy elimination, stress reduction, pain management, women’s health issues, palliative treatment for oncology and more.

Remedy Center for Healing Arts – Claudia Voyles, LAc – Specializing in Chinese Medicine, Claudia often employs Richard Tan’s “Balance Method”, as well as some Five Element influenced treatments, and Jin Shin Do, an acupressure technique. Claudia also runs the Remedy Center, a community clinic, and teaches an Essence Qi Gong classes weekly.

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Fitness / Movement


Experience Nia – Julie Wylie – Certified Nia Black Belt and 5 Stages Facilitator – Beyond the fun and solid aerobic workout, classes focus on self-expression, healing and developing mindfulness. Nia is a dynamic cardiovascular workout that stimulates and integrates your body/mind/spirit and leaves you feeling recharged, rejuvenated and fully alive. Each Nia class is for all levels, from the person who wants to start moving their body to the avid fitness buff.


For one on one Pilates Therapy in South Austin See our biomechanical therapist here at Clear Point Wellness.

CORE Therapy and Pilates – Stephen Dunn, MPT and Cheryl Dunn, Certified Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Gyrokinesis Instructor – In a professional studio on Beecaves they approach physical therapy through strengthening the core. Offering manual therapy and Pilates and Gyrotonics work they rehabilitate injury from a whole body perspective. Insurance accepted.

Moving Minds and Bodies – Lauryn Sires – Certified Pilates Instructor – Lauryn offers individual sessions in multiple locations in Austin. Her focus is on stabilization of the intrinsic muscles of the torso to develop a more flexible, lengthened, strengthened and aligned body. A breast cancer survivor herself, she has a special interest in working with other survivors.  She is also a wellness coach and loves to take a holistic centered approach to your wellness goals.


Rail Training – Engineered fitness for athletic living. Their system is designed to make you body-confident and ready for action. To be the best you can be – and getting better every year.  It is not the hardest workout you’ve ever done, but it may be the smartest.  Offering a prepared program that changes daily (all workouts that day are the same no matter who teaches) and builds weekly and monthly.  Come experience the body you already have at a whole new level.


Yoga RX – Caroline McCarter – As a yoga therapist she adapts the practice of Yoga to design a personalized regime of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation addressing your specific health needs. Many conditions respond favorably to yoga therapy including acute and chronic conditions associated with aging or infirmity.

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Massage Therapists and Body Workers

Deep Tissue/Lymphatic Drainage

Advanced Holistic Healing Arts – Michelle Burns, BSN, BSAlt.Med, LMT, MTI – Offering services designed to support the individual to achieve optimum health and wellness. They provide wellness guidance and appropriate health care referral, as well as creating lasting results in your body. Some of their therapies include Clinical/Rehabilitation Massage, Medical Massage, Negative Pressure Cupping Massage, and facial drainage.

PermaBella – Mary Ellen Milks, LMT, Esthetician – With more than 24 years in the healing arts profession, Mary Ellen offers a variety of bodywork modalities and healing treatments. She specializes in traditional massage therapy, but also offers unique treatments that incorporate intuition, energy balancing, color therapy and stone-work that promote energy flow and facilitate the deep release of congested energy. The resulting effect is not only total-body relaxation and stress release, but also a renewed sense of energy and well-being! Her studio is in South Austin. (512) 447-1944.

Energetic Bodywork

Russell Forsyth – Practicing out of a professional home office, he is a healer using resonant and vibrational energy. Russell is the inventor of the Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed, and an Angel Therapy Practitioner.


Zen Blend – Kristi Ludlam, LMT, CIMTI – Practicing in a relaxing South Austin professional home office. They offer a unique combination of services for complete mental and physical relaxation including floatation tank experiences. My favorite is Kristi’s hot stone massage.

Holistic Skin Care and Massage – Mary Ellen Milks – Practicing in a relaxing South Central Austin professional home office. With warm hands or hot stones, Mary Ellen provides an intuitively healing and relaxing massage. Working with both the physical body and energetic flow she helps your body move into a more comfortable state of being. She also does color therapy and excellent facial treatments. (512) 447-1944.

Rolfing/Structural Integration

Ritchie Mintz – Certified Advanced Practitioner – Practicing in a residentail duplex. With a gentle touch he releases restraints in the fascial system of your body, adding a bounce to your step and reversing the effects of gravity on your posture. Everyone deserves to go through the ten step rolfing process at least once in their life, and if they are lucky it will be with Ritchie.

Laurie King, PTA – Functional oriented bodywork – Practicing in a professional condo, she works fluidly to restore flow to all body tissues. With a gentle touch she guides your body into a more flexible state. 2520 Longview, Suite 411, 78705, 512.788.2428

Leslie Christensen, LMT – Practicing in a beautiful private home, Leslie is concerned with balance, function, and comfort in our body. Specializing in work after accidents, with peak performance athletes, and chronic pain she utilizes many techniques starting with a gentle approach to achieve maximum results.

Shiatsu and Native Healing Arts

Linda Nenno – Practicing in a residential cottage office in Zilker. She is a Shiatsu Master, engaging her entire body in the release of tension and the integration of energy throughout your body. [email protected] – 512.940.8114

Trauma Release

Angle Hands Massage – Sherry Williams, LMT – Practicing in a relaxing West Austin professional home office. Providing a safe, nurturing space to facilitate transitions in healing and trauma release. She uses many massage modalities as well as EFT, Somatic Experiencing, Cranio Sacral and Energy work. Each session is different and is created in response to the current needs of your body to facilitate lasting change.


Nancy Crossthwaite, LMT – Practicing in a calming South Central Austin professional home office. She is versed in virtually every massage modality and finds her efforts most effective influencing the energetic and emotional systems of your body. Her sessions are truly transformational. 512.447.1879

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Medical Doctors and Practitioners


Urban Dentistry – Amy Urban, DMD – Featuring a relaxed setting, groovy ambiance, and stellar service, Urban Dentistry is the dentist as you¹ve never seen her.

Melanie Babot, DMD – A friendly and inviting office, they deliver expert and loving care for your children’s teeth. Complete dentistry for infants, children and teens.

Medical Doctors

The Center for Health and Integrative Medicine – John Hernandez, MD, Integrative Medicine – Dr. Hernandez takes the time to listen to your concerns and goals for your immediate and longstanding health. He uses nutrition, medicine when needed, as well as homeopathic and vibrational medicine to get you feeling your best quickly. He is both highly knowledgeable and intuitive in his practice.

ADC – Richard DeBehnke, MD, Internal Medicine, Westlake – Dr. DeBehnke takes the time to listen. With a comprehensive perspective he targets your medical issues as well as suggesting appropriate co-care for quality of life issues. Beyond dealing with your acute care, yearly wellness checkups are encouraged for preventative medicine.

Bee Caves Urgent Care – Michael Stecher, M.D. – Great doctors, nice facility, quickly seen, reasonable rates, worth the drive.

Family Wellness Center – The University of Texas Nursing School – Primary care and acute care offered to the public with fees on a sliding scale.

Visual Health

Stars in Your Eyes – Dr. Emily Schottman, Developmental Optometrist- While traditional Optometry deals with glasses, contacts and the “hardware” that allows for clear eyesight, Vision Training/Vision Therapy works on the “software” that coordinates the brain, eyes, and body for vision that helps learning, development and function.

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Mental Health


Austin Biofeedback and EEG Neurofeedback Center – Jennifer Kirk Schrieverm MA, LPC – Jennifer’s clinical expertise includes the use of multi-modal biofeedback, neurofeedback therapy, and psychotherapy in the treatment of anxiety, panic, and other mood disorders, migraine and other chronic pain issues, learning and attention disorders, as well as optimizing peak performance in athletes and performance artists.

Lynne Arial, MA, LPC – Specializing in Transpersonal and Holistic approaches to Wellness. She uses a number of body-centered experiential techniques including Guided Imagery, Regression Therapy, Emotional Aikido, Gestalt, EMDR and Psych-K to clear and resolve past trauma and emotions. [email protected] – 512.560.8703

Michelle Bohls, MA, LMFT-A, NCC, CIT – A certified Imago relationship therapist, works with couples in her classes, private sessions, or all day relationship intensives to create positive change. She also works with Artists to manage anxiety, and Creative Blocks, and has advanced training in EMDR.


Integrated Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy – Gerald A. King, PhD – In practice as a Somatic Psychotherapist for over 30 years, I offer individual sessions, group therapy and workshops.

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Relaxation / Spa / Intention


Clarity Coach – Ann Daly, Ph.D. – A coach, consultant, and speaker specializing in the empowerment of women. She is the author of CLARITY: How to Accomplish What Matters Most.

Holistic Skin Care

PermaBella – Mary Ellen Milks, Esthetician, LMT – Dedicated to providing her clients with the finest skincare, Mary Ellen offers a variety of skincare services including Custom Facials, Seasonal (Organic) Peels, Facial Waxing and Brow Tinting. She exclusively uses Luzern Laboratories products, which blend state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with flowers / plants from the Swiss Alps. Enjoy pure relaxation and rejuvenating treatments that will make your skin blossom! Her studio is in South Austin. (512) 447-1944.

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Wellness Products

Our doctors and therapists have had great success dealing with these retailers of wellness products, and we give them a hearty recommendation for both quality and customer service. We receive no proceeds for listing these retailers, we just find them to be good at what they do. If you especially like a product or store that is not on our list, please let us know!

Bedding / Pillows

Intellibed – IntelliBED provides pressure relief that is unsurpassed in the mattress industry. The design of the IntelliBED using the patented Intelli-Gel keeps the human spine in firm, horizontal alignment ensuring a great night’s sleep. They also sell a host of other cervical pillows and mattresses to meet the variable needs of each person.

The Comfort Store – Online store offering all kinds of pilows and support for the body.

Wildflower Organics – Online local store offering one of the largest natural mattress collections in the country, and most certainly the largest in Texas. The natural baby room houses one of the states most comprehensive collections of beautiful, natural products for babies and children.

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Computer Chairs / Office Accesories

CSG Supplies – Steve De Rosa – Offering ergonomic office chairs from Neutral Posture & Office Master plus various computer accessories to make your computer use comfortable for your body. Pre-sale evaluation of products insures the success of your investment to offer long term support.

The Human Solution – Founded by an ergonomics engineer, The Human Solution is an Austin-based ergonomic office furniture dealer and manufacturer of the UPLIFT Desk. They also offer online ergonomic assessment tools and services for individuals and small businesses.

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Food and Nutritional Supplements

Soup Peddler – The Soup Peddler is a wonderful resource for healthy, delicious, easy meals at reasonable prices with friendly customer service and the option for delivery or pickup. Check out their website to become a Soupie and order from the one and only Soup Peddler!

The Herb Bar – Expert Herbalists help guide you to herbal formulas and nutritional supplements to help any ailment. A fantastic local resource The Herb Bar is a definite Austin staple for self care.

Peoples Pharmacy – A local compounding and natural pharmacy. They are a fantastic reference for any general health care concern with a knowledgeable staff and doctors on site. They make their own remedies for local allergies and carry good professional grade supplements. You can get your prescription filled and pick up a healthy meal at the same time.

Emerson Ecologics – They carry some of the best brands of professional grade supplements available today as well as Chinese herbs. For liability purposes only clients of Clear Point Wellness are given our code that allows you to order the recommended supplements at a discounted rate.

Natural Dispensary – More professional grade nutritional supplements. For liability purposes only clients of Clear Point Wellness are given our code that allows you to order the recommended supplements at a discounted rate.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest – High grade herbs and nutritional supplements grown organically and harvested on site. Can find a local store or order on line.

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Skin Care

Inventive Eco Organic – Is an all natural handcrafted skin care line, who focuses on nourishing your skin and bringing forth your inner radiance. They are an Austin original who is quickly becoming nationally recognized for their amazing products.

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Shoes / Footwear

Karavel Comfort Center – Many high-quality shoes with excellent service. Brands are selected for comfort and good posture.

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Therapy Equipment

Nasal Cornet – This physiotherapy device is made in England and has proven effective with randomized study to increase effectiveness of sinus membranes to clear congestion and make the upper respiratory tract less reactive.

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