Your Physical Balance is Your Emotional Balance!


Have you ever seen a counselor or therapist? Did you ever try supplementing any of your talk therapy with other forms of touch and movement therapy like bodywork/massage or yoga? Touch and movement therapy can be a fantastic way to take your health and stability to the next level, physically and emotionally.

The New York Times recently reported on a study that examined study participants’ self-reflection of their love relationships while sitting in a wobbly chair or on 1 leg. The control group, who sat in stable chairs and stood with both feet on the ground, reported more positive reflections of their partner and their relationship than those who were not on stable ground.

Standing single leg balance exercise for proprioception.

When I help someone improve their biomechanics, how they approach stress and life is intrinsic to the work we do. Are you someone who braces every time a new task or responsibility arises or can you ground and feel stable to weather whatever happens? Many of my clients consider our work as an integral piece to the talk therapy with their counselor. Creating space and awareness in the body translates to greater flexibility not just getting off of the floor but in our interactions with others.  How can you move with more ease and stability in your life?

Helping you find effort with ease…

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