Simple, honest pricing.

We charge an hourly rate and there are no hidden costs. You will only pay for the time you spend with your doctor or therapist. We don’t profit from products, supplements or exotic treatments, so you won’t ever feel “sales pressure” at Clear Point Wellness.

Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Care

Comprehensive doctor’s care with a focus on whole-body health and vitality. Check out our doctors bios to find the right match.

  • Principal Doctor (1, 1.5, or 2 -hour sessions)
    60 min – $285
    90 min – $ 347
    120 min – $464
    (Start up – 2.5 hour session at a 30% discount for $406:
    includes history, exam, and pivotal treatment time)
    Off-site rate (outdoors during covid) – 90-120 min – $550
  • 40% Discounted rate for Children of Active Clients
    Children receive 15- or 30-minute sessions

Questions about insurance and fees

Do you take insurance?

In order to work on behalf of your best interests, we take payment at the time of service, and provide you with the proper documentation needed for your insurance claims. If you have chiropractic insurance benefits you can easily file for reimbursement. See our reasoning in the next paragraph.

Why don’t you accept insurance payments?

There are several reasons.

  • Doctors who take insurance are forced to use a limited set of “insurance-approved” treatments in order to receive payment, regardless of your needs. We define your care plan based on your goals — and not on the bottom-line of your insurance company.
  • The maximum insurance reimbursement for a chiropractic visit is about $45, regardless of the time a doctor spends with you.  We simply can’t provide you with our quality personalized care for that.  This is why insurance-dependent doctors can only spend a few minutes with you — in this case you really do get what you pay for.
  • Many chiropractors who rely on insurance claims will order the set of insurance-approved extras (such as electrical stimulation, X-rays,  heat packs, and massage machines) to maximize income — regardless of a patient’s condition.  We’ve made the decision to avoid this system altogether, and focus on giving you high-quality care. The results speak for themselves.
  • Doctors who depend on insurance payments must hire extra staff to process claims. These costs are passed on to patients via increased rates or decreased time with the doctor. We choose to keep our rates reasonable instead of adding these administrative costs.
  • We have a policy of keeping pricing simple with no hidden charges. Our flat fee structure covers everything necessary for each visit. Child discounts make our care available to the whole family.

We are therefore more cost-effective than an insurance-based practice, because we start with the goal of getting you back to optimal health quickly. Many chiropractors will want you to get weekly treatments for the rest of your life; we simply don’t subscribe to this philosophy of endless doctor’s visits.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex-Spending Card?

Absolutely. These types of accounts function just like credit card or check payments.

Are you more expensive than other clinics?

Not when you do the math. Our doctors and staff spend a full hour of one-on-one time with you during every session.  As a comparison, “high-volume” chiropractors may charge only $45 per visit, but you get what you pay for: typically 5-10 minutes with the doctor. These doctors often prescribe at least weekly adjustments, and want you to continue care indefinitely. You might also be billed for various ‘extra’ products and treatments. Those fees add up fast, and become much more expensive in the long run.

At Clear Point Wellness we keep it simple. We give you personalized high-quality care and charge only for our time. We don’t sell products or long term contracts. Instead you get our undivided attention for your entire session. In our experience this method yields the best, the fastest, and most lasting results. Our goal is to get you to the point that you only see us for occasional ‘check-ups’ (we recommend 2-4 a year, like your dentist). Though everyone’s care plan is different, it takes an average of 5-7 sessions over 2-3 months to accomplish this goal.

Do you treat Medicare/Medicaid patients?

We see many people on Medicare. We are registered with Medicare as a non-participating provider. Fees are paid by you at time of service. We will only file your medicare if we preform a reimbursable service by them (which we typically do not do). Because of our detailed sensory integrative approach and the amount of time we spend with you hands on, our manual therapy codes are not reimbursable by medicare and may not be submitted to them for reimbursement. We do not accept or file Medicaid.

Do you handle worker’s compensation?

Like other types of insurance, we do not accept assignment of benefits. We are happy to provide you with all the documentation you need to get reimbursement.

If I was in a car accident, would you take my auto insurance benefits?

We’ve worked with many people who have suffered an accident, and then received reimbursements from their auto insurance company. We do not accept assignment of benefits however. We will provide all necessary reports, prescriptions for equipment and co-care when needed, and all documentation for the insurance company on a timely basis. If you want to recover from your accident as soon as possible, we can certainly provide your care.