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“I love everything about Clear Point Wellness and the services provided for me. I love the gentle chiropractic techniques that are used and the holistic outlook on healing. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Lisa is flexible with her time and that she does everything possible to make me feel better. I always feel that I am treated as an individual and that Dr. Lisa cares deeply about her patients.” – Alysia D.

“I’ve been working with Shannon for more than a year and it’s truly been a transformative experience. I originally sought out Shannon’s help to build overall strength and flexibility. Not only did I gain significant core strength and muscle tone, her guidance helped me adjust my everyday activities to reduce bodily stress and tension. I am now more in tune with how my body moves and functions to the smallest degree — it’s an outcome I never anticipated going into Pilates, but one that naturally flows from Shannon’s teaching techniques and philosophy.” – Kim K.

“After years and years of endless visits to various chiropractors and body workers, Dr. Lisa has accomplished what no one else was able to do…release the pain and discomfort, trace the underlying roots of the problems, and enable me to get on to the important phase of pain-free movement. Her knowledge, combined with a very unique form of chiropractic care has made all the difference.” – Cindy C.

“I am a doctor and would like to give my highest referral to Leslie. Over the years I have had tried many different forms of massage therapy, in many different countries, and from many massage therapists. Leslie is one of the best therapists that I have found. Her talents include the ability to listen not only with her ears but with her hands. This, combined with her training in advanced healing arts, make her stand out as a true gift for those seeking wellness or relief from pain.” – Dr. David H.

“Dr. Lisa was able to help me work through chronic pain that stemmed from a car accident that had occurred several years prior. Her unique methods combined with her compassionate thirst for knowledge, produce true healing effects that are lasting. I highly recommend Dr. Lisa as a chiropractor.” – Russell F.

“I am excited to be able to say that Clear Point Wellness is an amazing whole-body wellness clinic! As I have seen Dr. Amanda over the past year and a half, I have received the best chiropractic care ever (and I have been using a chiropractor for 40+ years). She consults with me regarding the issues I am having, researches them to determine the absolutely best treatment, and applies her knowledge and experience to create a sense of wellness that allows me to function at my best levels. And, her advice to “get moving and keep moving” is the reason I am able to stay in better health. Thank you, Dr. Amanda!” – Debi S.

“Dr. Lisa is a thorough yet gentle chiropractor who treats your whole body, mind, and spirit. She alleviated a chronic pain in my back/shoulder in three sessions. I had dealt with this pain for over ten years and tried many forms of relief. I now see Lisa twice a year to keep my body aligned so it can heal itself.” – Kathy R.

“I didn’t believe in chiropractic medicine, and told Dr. Lisa that. She smiled and began her diagnosis. As it turns out, decades of compensating for old injuries left me in more discomfort than I knew. How did I discover that? Because I feel so much better now!” –Pamela B.

“Leslie is one of the best massage therapists I’ve encountered over the years. Truly a professional in every sense of the word. Starting with her attention to the patient’s comfort, Leslie is trained in the use of a variety of massage techniques that are highly effective in helping to relax your muscles and relieve built-up stress. Coupled with regular chiropractic treatments, Leslie’s massages have been an integral part of my holistic treatment for back ailments. Whether you need an extended massage or even a short massage, your trapezius, latissimus dorsi, and rhomboids will thank you the next day for treating them to Leslie’s gifted hands.” – Gary K.

“Initially, I went to Dr. Lisa to alleviate pain in my neck that resulted from a car accident and after several sessions she was able alleviate stress throughout my entire body. Dr. Lisa enabled me to take charge of my own personal wellness in ways I had never imagined.” –Caroline D.

“Dr. Lisa is a gift and a wonder! I originally went to her because I was grinding my teeth. That issue simply disappeared as she uncovered and addressed so very much more. With her uniquely powerful way of combining technical expertise and skill with deep insight and intuition, Lisa helped me resolve issues that I’d long since decided I’d just have to live with. I recommend her to you highly — as I already have with many friends and family members.” – Theresa W.

“Dr. Lisa is not only an excellent healer, she is also an amazing teacher. She has taught me so much about my body, especially about interconnections I really hadn’t made before. I’m much more aware of my body and my posture through the day now, and can make adjustments that help me stay balanced. Because she helps me realize it’s not just about the body, she has enabled me to heal on extremely deep levels. I am so grateful that I found her! Words cannot truly express the qualities that make her outstanding.” – Coral N.

“I thought it was just stress, so I thought if I just slowed down and relaxed the back pain would go away. As with most things I thought I could do it myself. Then the pain became too persistent and started interfering with my life. Thanks to Dr. Lisa I am almost pain free and more active than ever.” – Sue M.

“Lisa Hastings and the Clear Point Wellness technique has been helping me to move much more freely and live in a pain free body again. Her staff is also very helpful and the environment in the office is very soothing and especially relaxing. Austin is a lucky town to have her practicing her very unique and gentle chiropractic method here.” –Rosie F.

“Dr. Lisa listens carefully to her clients — but I believe her true gift is the ability to “hear” the body. She can see the intricate, but hidden geometry, intimately understands symmetry and asymmetry and makes wise choices to help balance the individual.” – Nilea R.

“With a long lasting back condition, I continued to search for help. Once I found Dr. Lisa I finally found the relief I was looking for. I now visit whenever the need arises. I continue to enjoy relief from pain and have more flexibility. I highly recommend the work and healing of Dr. Lisa!” – Beth H.

“I came to Lisa in the aftermath of an automobile accident. Her direct and tender attention to resulting root trauma assisted my body in clearing all residual injury very swiftly. I have now worked with her for two years and so enjoy and appreciate her expansive and sensitive knowing on all levels. Her own growing exploration of what is required in a any given moment is enlivening and deeply relaxing to me and my body. I have increased flexibility and awareness of my body since working with Lisa, and I often experience, on her table, a joy and lightness of embodiment that continues into the rest of my life.” – Leena D.

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