About our integrated care

Clear Point Wellness integrates the best of alternative medicine and preventive care, and also respects the value of traditional medicine. Our doctors first listen carefully to your situation and your goals, then develop a personalized treatment plan with an ideal blend of therapies. We are driven to find the right solutions (either from our own clinic staff or from our exceptional network of Austin doctors and practitioners) to get you feeling great fast.  Learn about our clinic specialties below.


Our experienced chiropractors are driven to help you overcome even the most painful, complex health issues.  We provide in-depth care using precise, gentle treatments that will have you feeling more vital than you have in years.

Stress Relief

You may not know it, but that chronic stress you feel is the leading cause of severe illness. High stress levels can lead to dangerous ailments, including cardiovascular diseases, hypersensitivity, a weak immune system, and even organ failure. Our comprehensive practice includes several forms of stress-relief treatment as well as skill development — enabling you to glide through the stress of modern life.

Nutrition Evaluation

Let us help you navigate the cluttered marketplace of fad diets and pricey supplements.  We’ll help you create a sensible plan for good nutrition based on whole foods and solid science, that will have you feeling great fast.