We manage your entire health process.

Our doctors integrate the best of modern alternative medicine and therapies while respecting the value of traditional medical care. We offer a natural, holistic approach to your care and pay close attention to how your body functions as a complete system. We promote well-being in all areas of your life — from your physical condition, to your eating and sleeping habits, to your level of stress and everything in between.

Although holistic doctors were once viewed as eccentrics by the medical establishment, they are now considered an important complement to traditional medical care. Even the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a large Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. An alternative medicine doctor’s primary focus is on wellness, fitness, nutrition, and preventive care so that you spend far less time fighting illness and pain — which is just good common sense.

We are happy to work in conjunction with your current MD; our doctors are also fully licensed by the State of Texas to serve as your primary health care provider if desired. We do not prescribe medicines or perform surgeries, but we are highly trained to recognize disease and pathology. If we discover an issue that requires medical attention, we won’t hesitate to refer you to our network of expert physicians in the Austin area. We then coordinate with your MD during your recovery and provide continued professional followup as needed.

Our doctors also firmly believe that you are the ultimate authority regarding the needs of your body. Although your body has an innate ability to heal and stay healthy, sometimes it just needs the right kind of encouragement to unlock that ability. By helping you to integrate and optimize the major systems in your body, we guide you toward your own peak health.

So if you seek natural holistic health care and alternative medicine in Austin, visit Clear Point Wellness and experience the professional difference!