Friendly doctor’s care in our modern wellness clinic.

Given the choice most people would prefer a doctor who takes the time to understand their unique situation. That’s because a well-informed doctor can make smart recommendations and have you feeling better faster. It’s the way neighborhood doctors used to practice before the invention of giant hospital networks and profit-driven insurance companies. These days a typical MD may only be able to spend a few precious minutes with you before rushing to the next appointment.

It might seem like those friendly neighborhood doctors are an endangered species. But at Clear Point Wellness we are determined to keep the breed alive, so we’ve created a thriving sanctuary for our caring docs and for you. That’s the reason we created our friendly Austin wellness clinic, where we devote an hour of our time for every session. Try us and discover the personal difference!

Locally grown in Austin.

Austin skyline looking south toward our wellness clinic, shot by Jack Newton

Austin Skyline shot by Jack Newton

Our wellness clinic first opened in 2005 to serve the south Austin community. The idea was pretty simple: provide comprehensive doctor’s care in a comfortable modern environment, and integrate the full spectrum of health and wellness into our practice.  That idea caught on and our little clinic grew by word-of-mouth from enthusiastic clients.

The Clear Point Wellness clinic in Austin, view of the patio.

Since then we’ve expanded to a larger property along scenic Bouldin Creek, where we custom-built a new clinic under the shade of a majestic 600-year-old oak tree. Now clients can enjoy some ‘me time’ before and after appointments by relaxing on the spacious deck and sipping tea in our lounge.  It’s no wonder people love to visit the doctor.