We listen.

At the start of your care, we will perform a complete assessment to gain insight about what systems in your body need the most attention. This gives us a benchmark and allows us to craft the perfect plan to meet your health goals.

Your visit with the doctor

If your initial session at Clear Point Wellness is with one of our doctors, the first visit will last between 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours depending on the doctor. This session includes a full history, a physical examination, and and some pivotal hands on work to get the care process started.

Your doctor follows up a few days later with a 1 to 2 hour session. During the second visit we discuss our findings, present your care plan, answer your questions, and begin work with hands on treatment. Your care plan will include a detailed strategy for your future visits, and might also outline specific strengthening exercises or changes in diet to support your healing. These first two sessions form the basis for our future work together.

Regular sessions

During successive visits, our doctors work between 30 min – 2 hour sessions, addressing the current needs of your body. We invest our time so that you progress quickly through your care plan to achieve your recovery and health goals. Our objective is to get you feeling so good that you only need to return for semi-annual checkups. Though every person is different, on average people complete their initial care plan and are feeling significantly better within 6-10 hours of care.

We are different from many chiropractic clinics in this way. We will never treat you with a standardized 10-minute technique. Although some patients prefer that kind of rapid chiropractic adjustment, we believe you deserve our time and attention. Our goal is to get you back to full health — not to sell you endless weekly visits.

Integrated therapies

As a complement to your doctor’s care, we may also suggest specialties that we provide in-house or within our network of Austin practitioners. As with all of our recommendations, the decision to see these specialists is completely up to you, and you will never feel “sales pressure” for these additional services. For example we might suggest that you:

  • try making some changes to your diet, or
  • get a therapeutic massage to help release chronically tight muscles, or
  • see an exercise therapist to strengthen and enhance flexibility, or
  • receive co-care from an acupuncturist, counselor, MD, or one of the many talented healthcare professionals in the Austin area.

You may also become a client at Clear Point Wellness to experience any of these therapies without seeing the doctor at all. All of our therapists are fully licensed to practice within their specialty, so if you just want to enjoy a great massage, develop your core strength, or find movement with ease, give us a call and we can set up your session.