Before your first visit

All New Clients:

Welcome to Clear Point Wellness! We look forward to helping you with your health goals.  Below are forms for each of our doctors and practitioners.  Please check out the section relevant to your first visit with us.  For all our new clients, please remember:

  • Arrive 15 min. before your appointment to complete daily paperwork, rest, and relax before your session.
  • Bring your paperwork with you (found below).
  • If you are not bringing your paperwork with you, please arrive 45 min. early for your first chiropractic appointment in order to complete an extensive history, and still have all your time available to you in session.
  • Some of our clients are chemically sensitive, in an effort to maintain a healing environment for them, please wait to put on perfume, cologne, essential oils, or scented lotions until after your appointments with us.

Thank you for your assistance – we look forward to seeing you!

Please print and fill out:

>Adult Health History

>CPW Chief Complaint

>CPW HIPAA Privacy Policy*

>CPW HIPAA Right to Share

For children (under 18 years old), fill out this history instead:
>CPW Health History – Minor

Additional forms for New Clients with various conditions:
>CPW Oswestry Low Back Pain Scale
>CPW Oswestry Neck Pain Scale


* This is our full  > HIPAA information if you are interested in reading it.