Chiropractic Care & Covid-19


There are so many considerations during this time; knowing whether to get care, or go to the store, or even visit the park brings a host of questions.

Each action we choose comes with consequences; risks of one issue outweigh risks of another issue, differently for different people. Weigh your decisions weekly, and stick to your plan. It’s the exceptions we make in the moment, that create a weak link in an otherwise well thought out plan.

I choose to work conservatively.

Above all, the most effective way to reduce the consequences of the pandemic on our population as well as each individual is to social distance. That is our first line of defense.

Social distance and stay healthy.

There’s the rub, staying healthy. We know what it takes: good food, water, rest, exercise or movement, the outdoors, and other people. Even the first 5 are easy to say, yet hard to maintain on a normal day, even harder as our social infrastructure is straining. The 6th: other people – as we are all witnessing, is a big thing. Stress increases our need to adapt in our bodies and minds, which creates pain and restriction. This time is stressful; the lack of connection to other people is stressful.

If you are in pain, your health is suffering, or you feel isolated, hands on care might be worth the risk of exposure (with precautions), when the virus is less active in the community.

Because various stages of this pandemic may go on for years, simply forgoing care for that duration, is not the best option for all of us. To that end, taking advantage of times when the virus is less active in the community, might help us get through the longer haul.

I’m starting my practice again June 1st and scheduling through September. I will be responsive to the current public health guidelines and viral trends as they change. I will minimize risk at every potential to do so.

Considerations will be taken for each visit regarding:

  • covid screening, and easy last minute cancellations
  • clean: surfaces, air and hands
  • clients not touching anything except the chair they sit in and the table they are lying on
  • distance with masks when clients are not face down on the table
  • direct access to my room without exposure to outside variables
  • increase appt duration to decrease frequency of visits needed
  • only 2-3 clients (who are in the same risk/exposure category) seen daily, with 30 min. in between

For our detailed new protocols, please contact us. As a doctor, concerned with your overall state of wellbeing, I want to be available to you as responsibly as I can, for both you and our larger community.

Whatever your point of view, and whatever choices you make for yourself, leave room for more kindness and tolerance. We are all in this together.

With Love, Lisa Hastings, Dr. of Chiropractic

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