Minor injuries can take a long-term toll


If you experience a minor injury or a physical jolt, you may feel sore for a while. A few weeks later you will probably feel fine. But you now have a “blind spot” in your sensory field; your body has probably limited your motion slightly to prevent further injury.

The good news is that your body can function comfortably in a compromised condition for a long time. But the cumulative effect of minor injuries can make you vulnerable later. In a few years, your compensating systems might become compromised too. If your symptoms are ignored, your body will shift to other systems that carry the load for a while. Your body becomes less flexible however and must rely on less functional systems to compensate. Perhaps a few times a year you experience pain, but it tends to go away, or maybe you just get used to it or you chalk it up to “getting older”. Many years later (up to 20 years later), your compensating systems finally lose the ability to carry the load — now the pain returns and does not go away.

It can take many years for the cumulative effects of blind spots in your sensory field and the locking down of the body parts associated with those sensors, before you might think about getting some help. Your body talks to you along the way though. Uncomfortable symptoms are your body’s way of getting your conscious attention to help resolve an internal conflict.

If you pay attention to your body when you feel slight pain, instead of waiting until you are in severe pain, your entire body will benefit by being more flexible and functioning at peak performance. This is a much more pleasing way to live (as long as you live) — rather than resigning yourself to the ever increasing restriction, pain, and pathology that we tend to “expect” from old age.

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