TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint): An intersection of 3 planes


Are you suffering from a painful TMJ and jaw condition? At Clear Point Wellness we look for the cause of your bite not settling in a comfortable spot. Some doctors might suggest that you try to adapt to an off-center bite with dental devices. We instead try to focus on the physical tension system in your body that pulls your jaw off-center in the first place.

The anatomy of the TMJ spans the head, neck and shoulder girdle. Its proper function depends on proper motion and tension in the cervical and thoracic spine, in the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle, and on the freedom of movement in the cranial bones. Addressing the biomechanics of all these areas is necessary to correct TMJ.

Once your tension system has been brought back to center, the temporomandibular joint will usually function properly again. Sometimes detailed attention along all axes of movement is also necessary at the TMJ itself. In some instances irregularities of bites requires a dental night guard even after the tension system has been treated. Guards are helpful only after your jaw is able to sit in a neutral position. If a guard is custom-made for a tension system that is off-balance, it will simply enable the system to stay unbalanced.

Before you consider having your jaw surgically altered or getting a night guard, first make sure the tension in your head, neck and shoulders is addressed. If you live near Austin TX, come to Clear Point Wellness Chiropractic to correct your TMJ. If you live too far away to come in for a visit, make sure you see a chiropractor who specializes in TMJ and who also works with your cranial bones. Why go to the trouble to make your TMJ more bearable, when you can correct the biomechanics that cause it in the first place!

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