Grounding and Inflammation


“Grounding” or “Earthing” is a term which simply means connecting to the surface of the earth.  We do this when we walk barefoot in our backyards, or when we lay in the grass or on the beach.  It is an activity that humans have done throughout history, but which we have become largely disconnected from.  How often do you have actual physical contact with the earth?  For many of us, it is not very often.

As it turns out, this simple connection may be more important than we ever thought.  Recent research suggests that grounding can help prevent inflammation, improve rest, thin the blood, even improve wound healing.

How does it work?  It is still not known for sure, but the most common theory is that our bodies actually use the negative charge present on the surface of the earth.  This charge can activate certain body functions, as well as help quench free radicals.

So get out there and connect with the earth!  Lay in the grass, walk barefoot, pick flowers, go to the beach!

Or, if you need more connection, you can get a grounding pad that connects to the earth, conducting this negative charge wherever it is needed.

Dr. David
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One thought on “Grounding and Inflammation

  1. Maurine Jones says:

    How about working in your garden or pulling weeds in the backyard? I think I’ll go find my garden gloves…
    Thank you, Dr. Jones.

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