A Natural Kind of Health


When you enter Clear Point Wellness, you know it’s different. We intentionally made this place one of healing. We want you to enjoy a long life of well-being and satisfaction in all areas including: physical, emotional and chemical. So we address neuro-musculoskeletal complaints and have found that adjusting one part of the body by removing stress off a system positively affects other systems that were being overworked due dis-ease. We also address nutritional needs of a person through homeopathic remedies, vitamins or simply increasing the quality of water you drink. Emotional balancing occurs as we discover stresses in your life that contribute to dis-ease and discomfort. These components converge into the triad of health. By improving the way your body adapts and responds to stresses, removing resistance and irritation in your system, we unleash the healing power within your body to help you live a healthier, wealthier life from the inside out. And that is priceless.

In Health,
Dr. Amanda
Clear Point Wellness

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