Healing from Trauma without Trauma


We are all affected by trauma at various points in our life.  Whether that trauma be physical or emotional, it can affect every part of us: how we relate to others, how we carry our bodies, how we view ourselves, how we process pain, etc.

Whatever the trauma is, however, and whatever the symptoms are, we want healing.  We want healing soon.  And because of this desire for healing, we often turn to aggressive approaches that can be, in and of themselves, traumatic.

Here is an important lesson, however, that I have learned over and over through my experience helping those from trauma: Trauma only heals in the absence of trauma.

In other words, the safer your environment, the more trustworthy your people, the more loving you are to yourself, and the more peace that your body feels, the more likely healing will be.

Groundbreaking work done by Dr. Karyn Purvis shows the efficacy of fostering safety and connection in children from the worst backgrounds.  It is not hard to see how these techniques can apply to adults as well.

This is what we are about at Clear Point Wellness. We create a peaceful space, a safe place, and only non-traumatic approaches for healing.  If that is what you are looking for, come check us out.

Dr. David
Chiropractor in Austin TX
Focusing on trauma release in the body

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