Overwhelmed, Opportunity for Self Compassion



So much going on in the world and in so many people’s lives right now. Sometimes it is all too much, and sometimes it is hard to see the way through. Overwhelmed, opportunity for self compassion. Moments like these are not usually fun, and we don’t choose these paths on any given day. Though these moments can shift our direction, give us opportunities to let go of things that are simply too hard to hold on to, and open perspectives that are too subtle to see at other times in our lives.

Being overwhelmed is a gift. A gift that demands our attention while we negotiate a ride we have no control over. A gift that takes all our energy and gives us the opportunity for true kindness. Not to others necessarily, but to ourselves.

In these times do we listen to our needs each moment and support ourselves without judgment? Do we witness ourselves being less than optimally capable of thought, of tolerance, of patience, of physical stamina and prowess? How do we support ourselves when we are not the shining star we want to be?

Times of overwhelm provide a true opportunity to give ourselves the love we need regardless of our performance or the outcome in the world around us. A time to re look at the commitments we make to ourselves. Deep down – do we give ourselves the love we give to babies? Do we withhold love until we achieve or earn it? Do we continually judge ourselves to make sure we don’t take a misstep? If we take a misstep, what does that do in the world, really? If we judge and withhold love from ourselves when we take a misstep, what does that do in ourselves and in the world, really?

Kindness to our neighbor, friend or stranger is a seed of love in the world. Kindness to our inner selves – giving comfort, reprieve, unconditional love and understanding, builds and grows our well of love that feeds us and gushes continually out to the world around us. A misstep may cause issue in your world and will give the receiver an opportunity to actively choose graciousness and compassion. Withholding love from ourselves, because of a misstep or a feeling that we do not deserve it yet, breeds internal conflict which dries up our well and requires us to search for love externally.

compassionWe can never collect enough seeds of kindness from others to sustain us (we can never give enough seeds to sustain them). Seeds are only effective if they grow in fertile soil that is watered from our own internal well. We don’t have control over much when we are overwhelmed, though we can take this time to feed our own well. Fill the cracks, remove the boulders, ultimately we will find our way to the other side and the water of life and love will fill our wells and flow over into the world around us again.

When we are overwhelmed, it may be too much and too hard to see where we are going. Though it is a unique opportunity to see how we treat ourselves and to cultivate a little self compassion that will sustain as we continually head into our future.

With Love and Respect,
Lisa Hastings
Dr. of Chiropractic
Multi Sensory Functional Integration

Feel like yourself again.

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