Plantar Fasciitis May Not Be Caused By Inflammation


A few months ago the New York Times ran an article about new research regarding plantar fasciitis, a sharp pain in the soles of the feet that plagues many.  Experts previously believed this irritation arose due to inflamed plantar fascia, the connective tissue in the soles of the feet.  Research now suggests that those with plantar fasciitis do not have inflammation but that the pain could be coming from various sources depending on the person.Running on the great lawn in Zilker Park, Austin, TX

I have had several clients come to me with plantar fasciitis and it disappears within a few private sessions combined with work at home.  The strengthening while stretching nature of Pilates and Ki Hara work to elongate the muscles from the feet to the shoulders.  I also include some form of foot exercises in every session since many of us forget to exercise our feet like any other part of the body.  In this article, Dr. Terrance Philbin, an orthopedic surgeon in Westerville, Ohio who specializes in plantar fasciitis, mentions that simply stretching the feet and hamstrings can help alleviate pain and help the body repair any damage in the plantar fascia.  This is similar to my personal experience working with clients.  What has helped rehabilitate your plantar fasciitis?

Click here to read the full article from the New York Times.

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