What is the extra shoelace hole for?


Articles about the extra shoelace hole appeared all over social media a few weeks ago. These articles contend that the extra hole provides greater ankle stability–particularly when running. While I understand the thought process, I would never encourage anyone to lace their shoes that high because it would affect the rest of the body’s alignment and posture.

Lacing shoes up to the extra hole locks the ankle backward when we need it to be able to move forward as we walk. This also encourages the knee to go backward and hyperextend rather than bend the opposite direction, propelling us forward.

If you feel like you need ankle stability, and most of us do have weak ankles from walking in improper shoes on flat surfaces all our lives, do some heel raises. Pick your favorite stair at home or work, place just the balls of your feet on the edge, and allow the heel to drop down, stretching the back of the calf. Feel like you get taller as you lift the heels in the air. Try this with the feet in parallel, legs/knees/feet slightly turned out, then again all turned in to pick up the different muscles of the lower leg. For an extra challenge, try this exercise with one leg at a time and try to center your weight over the leg you’re working.

Check out how we think shoes should be laced below. Call the office today for an individualized analysis of your gait (walk) to learn how to strengthen muscles that may not be working, causing you to seek more stability. Balance your body for lasting health instead of putting a patch on the problem with your shoes.

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