Hip Abduction and Rotation


Tight hips? You could be weak in the abductors–the leg muscles that lift our legs out to the side and that help with balance. It’s a movement we don’t do often, but those muscles help to stabilize our pelvis when walking and running.

When weak, they can be a culprit for low back pain as well as knee pain. If you tend to be knock-kneed, you are weak in this area. If you have tight hips, your rotational muscles aren’t moving in their full range of motion so doing this exercise will help those open and loosen. We also tend to have one side that is weaker, which affects how we put weight on that hip, which impacts our balance. Here is a quick exercise to keep those muscles strong and hips open!

Shannon Rashap, CPT, M.A. Ed.
Helping you find effort with ease…

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