What is plantar fasciitis?


Many of us suffer from severe pain in the soles of our feet, otherwise known as plantar fasciitis. Until recently, experts thought inflammation in the connective tissue, or fascia, of the feet caused this pain. However, more research is coming out that this painful condition is a result of tight muscles in the calves and feet as opposed to inflammation in the body. This is an important distinction when you consider that reducing inflammation would require steriods or anti-inflammatory pills/shots to improve the pain versus some daily stretching.

A study on runners suffering from plantar fasciitis mentioned in a recent New York Times article reviewed 2 different types of stretching regimens and their effectiveness on plantar fasciitis. The study tested a stretching technique similar to what we perform at Clear Point Wellness called eccentric stretching, where a muscle is active the entire time you are stretching it. The control group in the study performed traditional stretching where the foot is just pulled back with a strap. After 3 months, the active stretching technique proved to be more successful in healing plantar fasciitis pain than traditional ‘touch your toes’ stretching as I like to call it.

For more information on the types of active stretching we do at Clear Point Wellness, check out our videos!

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