Are standing desks better?


I get asked this question a lot and my usual response is that the research clearly states that standing as opposed to sitting for 8+ hours per day is far better for our health. Most recently, the New York Times wrote an article citing 2 studies that conclude that sitting less is better for our DNA cells (in one study the DNA actually become younger for those who sat less) and helps us to live longer.

My opinion, as someone who specializes in helping people restore positive movement patterns, is that standing is great but it may not fix your body pains. Prolonged sitting, especially with poor body posture, can be a root cause of many of today’s common musculoskeletal complaints: low and mid back pain, neck and shoulder tension, sciatica, knee problems and foot pain. This is why I love working with the pelvic floor, the deep stabilizing muscles at the base of our pelvis. These muscles can weaken or even atrophy over years of sitting because the chairs we sit in sub in for our natural musculature. Reconnecting with these muscles improves all of the pains earlier mentioned as well as breath and balance. So, moving from a sitting desk to a standing one without the help of these muscles may improve your longevity but not your back pain.

Shannon Rashap, CPT, M.A. Ed.
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