Eyes Around Austin: Knee Locking and Back Pain


Last night I treated myself to a facial (LOVE) and chatted away with my aesthetician about her persistent back pain. Chiropractors and massage therapists have helped her in the past, but the pain always returns. I looked up to see her locking (hyperextending) her right knee and putting all of her weight on the outside of that hip. This is a super common stance I call the sassy hand on the hip that mostly we women do. I also see this posture a lot in moms and anyone who is a regular caretaker of children. Putting all of your weight on one leg isn’t wrong, but locking your knees changes the angle of your pelvis and makes your low back very unhappy.

Feel this in your own body:

Stand sideways in front of a mirror and soften your knees. Then, lock the knees or push the knee caps backward and watch how your pelvis tilts forward and your rear sticks out. Repeat this a couple of times and you will really see and feel a difference. Also notice that having your pelvis tilt so far forward pooches the stomach out whereas soft knees allows for better posture and maybe a more slender profile.

If you like the sassy hand on the hip stance, great, but modify it a little, tiny bit so you don’t irritate your back over time.

-Don’t lock or hyperextend the knee creating a leg that is really a stilt–keep the knees soft and use your core.

-Center your weight over the leg that is straight rather than popping all of your weight to the outside of the hip. If you are holding a child in one arm, this is challenging, but you will be improving your core stability.

Small differences that will still reflect your personality without hurting your back! And, you might start to see new muscles over just a few, short weeks!

Helping you find effort with ease…

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